ANIMATION SERVICE: high quality animations in a variety of styles

HIRE STUDIO: stop motion units in Berlin

HIRE CREATIVE DIRECTION: 20 years of experience


Katrin Rothe Filmproduktion is a Berlin-based Animation Studio run by the award-winning director Katrin Rothe.

We offer:

› a variety of animation techniques and styles

› high quality stop motion and 2d classical animation

› Co-production possible

› two permanent Dragonframe workstations

› up to 6 units equipped with Canon EOS R

› local area network, 24h porter service

› over 20 years of production experience

Our happy clients include

zdf, arte, rbb, SRF, zdf digital, Technisch Sammlungen Dresden, Element TV, Hanfgarn & Ufer

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We offer:

› stop motion units in Berlin, close to Ostbahnhof

› ready to shoot

› flicker free shots

› high quality single frames of 6720 x 4480px

› exports in all formats

› units equipped with Canon EOS R, EOS RP and 750

› Dragonframe firmware

› prices for day, weeks, monthly use

› including light, rostrum, iMac, internet, adapters etc.

› no charge for technical support if you don‘t need it

› 24h porter service

 In pictures

more pictures of our stop motion units


More than 20 years of experience in film, art, and animation direction. During my collaboration with a studio based in Asia I‘ve learnt to handle big studios, large datafiles and remote work.

In documentary animation projects I use all this industry knowledge to make individual styles come alive. I love to work with talented newcomers as well as with senior artists.

In pictures

Our latest Making Of video 2021/2022

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